EasyCall rates

Local and convenience access numbers are explained on the access numbers page. Important information about our rates and the use of EasyCall cards is at the bottom of this page.

Calling from:   
Calling to:   
Speed dial entry details
Destination Local Access Number
Rate per minute
61Australia Mobile29c
6114Australia Mobile Optus Satellite29c
6721Australian Antarctic Bases250c

Rates above are per minute calling rates using a New Zealand Local Access Number or calling over Wi-Fi or mobile data using the EasyCall App.

Convenience Access Number Surcharges

When using the Convenience Access number the following surcharges apply :

  • Landline : 6 cents per minute.
  • Mobile and Spark NZ Payphones : 30 cents per minute.

About our rates and the use of your EasyCall card

Our rates:

International Access Number Rates

To check our per-minute call rates, select where you are calling from and then the country you wish to call.

Calling from:   
Calling to:   
Speed dial entry details
DestinationInternational Access Number
Rate per minute $NZD

Please check with your mobile phone provider before dialling international access numbers as roaming charges may apply.

See the access numbers page for a full list of international access numbers.

Terms and conditions

Calling rates valid at 23 March 2017. Rates and access numbers may change at any time. All calls are charged on a minute-by-minute basis and rounded up to the nearest cent upon completion of the call. Rates apply 24 hours, 7 days a week, are in $NZD and include GST. Any outstanding balance on the card/e-card will expire on the earliest date of 1) the date shown on the card/e-card if unused , or 2) 12 months after the card/e-card is last used or recharged , or 3) 10th April 2017. If you still have credit remaining on your card at 10th April 2017, please see your options at www.easycall.co.nz/closing/. Spark business and residential Call Savings Plans, capped calling rates and price specials do not apply to calls made using EasyCall. EasyCall is not liable for any charges imposed on calls made to access the EasyCall service such as charges imposed by hotels, motels, mobile carriers, mobile roaming or payphones. EasyCall is not liable for any data charges imposed using the EasyCall App and cannot guarantee service on all network connections. 0900, 0800, 018, 0161, 059 calls and international equivalents cannot be made with EasyCall. Do not insert EasyCall into payphones.

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