Access Numbers

Local Access numbers

When do I use a Local Access number? Find out more

Convenience Access numbers

When do I use a Convenience Access number? Find out more

International Access numbers

When do I use an International number?
You use an International Access number when you are in another country and want to make a call using EasyCall.

Calling from New Zealand

Local Access Number


Convenience Access Number

Dial 01 221Dial 09 353 7777  Dial 01 222 or 0800 887 886
Use from landlines throughout New ZealandUse from mobiles when you have free minutes   Use this number when you cannot call the Local Access number free of charge, for example when calling from a payphone, hotel/motel or mobile telephone. An additional per minute surcharge applies when using the Convenience Access number.

Calling from Overseas

Country Access Number Key Country Access Number Key
Australia1 800 014 338BUK0800 917 9275C A B
Canada1 866 837 0873BUSA1 866 834 0683C B
Hong Kong800 965 258B   

Please check with your mobile phone provider before dialling international access numbers as roaming charges may apply.


  1. Calls cannot be made from payphones.
  2. Airtime or local call charge applies from mobile phones.
  3. May not be available from every phone.
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